I Sent This Email To A Dude In NZ

Hi man. Thanks for all the pro tips (got them from your 2 books, Anything You Want and Your Music And People. And interviews, etc.

I told you in one of my first emails to you that I want to be a professional musician and I am still alive and breathing. My days consist of a lot of music listening as it is one of my passions ever since I was like 5 years old.

So, man, I thought I’d ask you if you know anyone or have any knowledge on how to start a music podcast. Do I need a lawyer or something or would I rather go and ask the artists themselves if they want to be featured in my radio show.

I think I answered my own question here. Hehe 😋. Anyhoo, if you want to check me out and my current WordPress project, it’s called

ॐ Veneto ॐ – Spiro Ergo Prospero (aapo.blog)

I also registered it as a business in Finland now. My kid is doing fine, I hope (haven’t seen him but I should in quick time soon.)

Hope you are enjoying summer in NZ man.

At your service,

Don Aapo


Feel free to use it as a template or a model when you’re sliding into the DM’s of influencers and producers. I do it sometimes and the results are often very awesome.

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