The Case With Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons.

Maybe you’ve heard of him. He is an American hip-hop entrepreneur.

So I read his book a few years ago. It’s called Do You.

I really love the book and it really taught me about the principles of success and living a good life etc etc. Work and so on. Recommended read. Please check it out.


Russell is an altruist and an hip-hop entrepreneur.

He has also been accused of rape.

Maybe he has raped.

But I want to point out something here, before saying anything.

This subject is very open to being contextualized in the wrong way in my opinion, and also it’s kind of an epistemological horror to go through.

First of all, rape always brings up real sadness and hurt.

The thing is, I already had to mention rape as I am talking about the guy.

The thing is, nobody (except the victims, if they are indeed speaking the truth.)

Know if there was a rape, or not.

I definitely do not know if he raped or not.

If you know the victims are speaking the truth, I’d say you are better educated than I am.

This is the problem with marketing right here.

The truth for me is that I don’t know if Russell raped or not.

So we really have to look at the different options here.

  1. the rape accusation is real and he is a violent criminal
  2. the rape accusation is unreal and he is actually innocent

If the first one happened.

That means that Russell’s beautiful career, his work on altruism and his heart has been dishonored by a bunch of people claiming that he committed a violent crime, which he didn’t. Even this rando in Finland as he is talking about his mentor who showed him the good life has to mention the false accusation that ruined his reputation for ever.

Obviously if the guy is accused of rape, finding proper evidence might be costly, difficult or even impossible. The victims are claiming that he did something which is in it’s essence sometimes almost impossible to prove.

Now he is known as a rapist who is a fucking liar and a dirty scumbag.

Now, the second option is number two.

He committed the rape, in which case he is a violent criminal and definitely deserves to be canceled and given a bad reputation, especially if he will not change his behavior. Who knows what to do with violent criminals, to be honest. I know quite a few and they are indeed a difficult bunch.

I really do wish the first one was true.

I will never know the truth of it.

I was not there to see it so I feel that I do not have the credentials here to say which one is true.

If the second one is true, I wish the victims will find forgive this dirty criminal.

If the first one is true, I just called my mentor who showed me the good life a fucking criminal.

Kind of a rude awakening here, to be honest.

How to truly know?

I wish I did.

I think it would make the world a better place.

Can you truly assume that you would know that which side is speaking the truth?

There are cases of both, I’d think.

Cases of rapists going unpunished (by law, not karma)

Cases of people being put wrongly to even prison for the rest of their lives.

Both cases exist.

Takes some awareness.

Don Aapo Anandamayi

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