Back In The Day In The Music Industry

My career would have ended already.

Back in the day you had to sign for big label to get your music in front of listeners. If your first songs did not perform significantly better than your competition (become hits instantly) your career was over.

Speaking from my current state of knowledge, of course.

Now thanks to the liberation of independent musicians through for example which I use to release my music.

Now, I can just continue business as usual and posting songs online as if nothing happened and no middle-man has a say in the subject. I can continue to develop my art and craft to its finest over the years which it anyway takes to learn an instrument well.

In 2023 the music industry is a game where long careers are possible when back in the day many musicians only had even one hit song and they were never heard of again. I’m sure you can hear what I am saying.

Thats why for us artist types its sometimes important to let urself off the hook and pace yourself in the creative process.

Thank God for CDBaby!

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